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    Serrated edge
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    There is strength in simplicity. 

    Detailed information

    Product detailed description

    There is strength in simplicity. Strength is an advantage, and an advantage can keep you warm.

    Everybody who knows how to look after themselves outdoors will appreciate its reliability and unquestionable function. The P200 finds its greatest strength in ordinary simplicity. A high level combined with a thin steel profile is a must for a great cutting tool. In addition, in combination with the Sleipner steel, the P200 will not be affected even by highly demanding conditions far from home. Every gram counts when you travel on foot, and the flat G10 handle and compact dimensions of the P200 ensure that your partner will never let you down in this regard either. Choice is important, and so the P200 model can be fitted with a leather or kydex case, Cerakote coating or an orange handle. What combination suits you best is purely up to you.

    Additional parameters

    Category: SHOP
    Blade style: Skinner
    Lock type: Fixed Blade
    Blade material: Sleipner
    Blade hardness: 58 HRC
    Handle material: G10
    Sheath material: Kydex / Leather
    Blade color: Stonewash / Cerakote Black
    Handle color: Black / Orange
    Sheath color: Black
    Overall lenght: 220 mm / 8,7 inch
    Lenght of blade: 100 mm / 4 inch
    Thickness of blade: 3,5 mm / 0,14 inch
    Weight of knife: 156 g / 5,5 oz
    Molle clips: Included
    Black paracord: Included