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    Molle clip 60mm
    Monoblock clip
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    The M06 claw is designed to be carried primarily on the off hand (weak hand) side to function as a small, but serious tool with a very effective beefed up Wharncliffe style utility blade. This makes M06 claw useful emergency fixed blade claw option for the LE or CCW community.

    Detailed information

    Product detailed description

    The skeletonized asymmetrical construction reduces weight and mass while retaining a robust 0.25“ (6mm) blade thickness with 1,75“ (45mm) blade length.
    After final grip is established, the properties of the M06 double neck design distribute forces more evenly throughout the structure and eliminate common issues with standard single neck push knives (wobble on impact) and any other finger hole knives (ease of establishing firm grip).
    The hexagonal MIDDLE FINGER HOLE is easy to wear even with gloves. An oversized opening allows a comfortable passing of the middle finger through the Hex hole and around the claw's “ear“ finger wrap to establish a strong purchase on the M06 frame with the claw still resting in the sheath. The INDEX FINGER WRAP around the claw‘s “nose“ completes the draw stroke.
    Firmly locked inside the palm of the hand, the M06 engages four finger gripping power.
    By releasing the Index Finger Nose Wrap, the rest of the hand can still perform other tasks. Reengaging the Nose brings the claw back into its strongest position. Notable jimping in critical sections of the M06 frame aids manipulation.
    Different alternative grips can be established for utility/craft use.
    The M06 rides close to the body with a choice of an exceptionally secure DCC Monoblock Gear belt clip with both outside (vertical or horizontal position) and inside belt carry option, Slim Line Ulti Clip attachment or a Molle Clip. It can also be used with virtually any belt or MOLLE compatible attachment. The combination of hollow rivets and slots allows for multiple angle attachments with different center to center mounting hole distances.
    Due to its small profile, overall package and variety of mounting options the M06 claw can be an integrated part of almost any modular system.
    The use of gross motor skills during M06 claw deployment without any need for grip readjustment enhances its overall utilization.
    M06 deployment does not require specialized training, but rather intuitive action that resembles a handgun draw.

    Additional parameters

    Category: MILITARY
    Weight: 0.1 kg
    Blade style: Wharncliffe
    Lock type: Fixed Blade
    Blade material: Elmax
    Blade hardness: 59-60 HRC
    Sheath material: Kydex
    Blade color: DLC
    Sheath color: Black
    Overall lenght: 87 mm / 3,4 inch
    Thickness of blade: 6 mm / 0,2 inch
    Lenght of blade: 37 mm / 1,5 inch
    Weight of knife: 39 g / 1,4 oz