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    After more than 20 months of preparations, development and production, it is great to be able to write here that our ACTA NON VERBA KNIVES brand was born today, 18 August 2018, at 18:18. 
    We are extremely pleased that we can finally share the pleasure gained from all our products and our great love of knives. 

    We trust that our knives will attract your attention primarily due to their high quality, the precision of production, their useful properties and great design.
    During development, we placed great emphasis not only on the high quality of production, but also on the absolute quality of all materials.
    The materials that we use for the production of knives and accessories include the best that Europe and America can offer. We are extremely proud that our products are made only from materials originating in Europe and North America. In the same way, we are extremely proud that we can say our products are Made in Czech Republic.

    We trust that our knives will soon find their way not only into the hands of travellers, collectors, hunters, soldiers and policemen, but also ordinary people who live their lives in the spirit of the thousand-year-old saying ACTA NON VERBA – ACTIONS NOW WORDS.