Tank battalion command approached ANV in summer regarding the possibility of jointly developing a knife for members of the 73rd Tank Battalion. The authors of the knife are Sgt. Stach, SFC Knot and other members of the tank battalion, who designed and developed the form and construction of the M73 KONTOS knife in cooperation with Ondřej Němec from ANV. The first series of knives has been made exclusively for members of the 73rd Battalion, professional soldiers and active reserves in a numbered series.


This knife is not available on the civilian market. The butt at the end of the handle of each M73 KONTOS knife is made from an original T72 series tank track pin and marked with the emblem of the 73rd Tank Battalion. Everyone who receives a knife will also receive a licence entitling them to carry the knife, which is a reference to historical military driving licences. Each licence bears the number of the knife and the handwritten signature of the commander of the 73rd Tank Battalion.

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